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Sunday, July 26, 2009

one day two functions!!

1st Function : Prefect Farewell Party
Venue: SMK Hua Lian School Hall
Time: 1.30pm~4.00pm

It's time for our farewell party!!! We are form 5 this year and this is our farewell year!! All the farewell are for us!!
First of all, it was a very boring farewell party... The function should be starts on 1.30pm but it started only at 2pm something. Oh my god, it made me feel so bored and started to regret to come while waiting. Ok, the function finally starts and the whole farewell party was dam boring... The prefects that came were not even half the number of prefects of Hua Lian. Nearly half the number of chairs were left empty. The main point is, the presentation or performance from the form 3 & 4 prefects really bored and lack of prepare.

Next, the food were so bad. Cold frencefries, nudgets, curry chickens and fried noodles. I not dare to take fried noodles as I don't like to eat. The curry chickens was the only food that still taste not bad for me.

Anyway, I had graduated from the Hua Lian Prefectorior Board! Monday is the last day I am with the post of Penolong Ketua Penyelia Jadual Tugas! I'm free from Monday onwards as I don't need to go to prefect room and doing nothing everyday.

2nd Function: Lions Club of Taiping 44th Installation
Venue: Legend Inn Hotel, Taiping
Time: 7.00pm~10.30pm

It's my dad function and I'm compulsory to go every year. The problem that always irritating me is I have nothing to wear. The only one way is to search whether any of 'Ah Da''s blouse that I can wear. I had found and now I would like to tell Ah Da here that I had worn your blouse to tonight's dinner. Paiseh and thank you. My mum and me arrived there very early to have a 'nice' place to sit. After sometimes, my grandmother, uncles had came. Waiting for the 'big people'-Raja di Hilir of Perak to arrive for about one hour.== The food of Legend Inn hotel was so so and not so bad as my mum said.

As the few previous years, my dad was the mc of the dinner night! He had already use to it to step on the stage and talk I think and I was also already use to it as his supporter under the stage. In my mind, he is the greatest mc among all the lions! In my opinion, on both chinese and english language, my dad is more fluent in english. (although he were a Hua Lian's student...) And, my dad is a secretary again... This is the second or third time he is a secretary. Maybe because of his good writting skills that made him always with this post.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

penang one day trlp~~

Ok, this time i'm trying to post in english. It's just to test how is my english language writting is...

First of all, I would like to tell that I had joined a Penang trip yesterday organised by English Language Society. Although i'm not the member of the society, but due to this trip is open to all students, so I have the chance to join it.

The day before the trip, I had started to regret to join the trip... It's a weekend holiday, why don't I just stay in house and study or to have a rest? And I need to spend money for that trip also, RM 60 for the fees and others for my speding in meals and shopping. But all was too late, I had paid for the trip.

The next morning on 6.45am, all the students that take part in the trip gathered in the "astaka". After a few more minutes, we went on to the bus and we had sat on the back. It's all En Hwei's idea lah. Throghout this trip, we were in "six people gang". The six people is, En Hwei, Juo Yin, Cherie, Yi Yi, Sok Kin and me. It means that throughout the whole trip, six of us must be together in a group.
1st destination- War Museum of Penang.

This was the first destination of our trip. This was the place where the British and Jepan soldiers built their camp when they 'menjajah' Malaysia. Now it had reformed to a museum for people to visit. We had saw a lot of buidings bulit by the British to hang people to death, to trap people or to keep their weapons.
this is the cage where the British trap people. From left: Cherie, me, Sok Kin & Juo Yin

take a picture with the white snake that scared most people that pass by.

trying my shooting skill here... it' s a very good experience!

2nd destination- Universiti Sains Malaysia( USM)

Ehmm... I'm not very interesting in visiting university actually but can't be avoided that every school trip must include university as one of the destination. Just give a brief describe for this university. This university has a very large campus. It just open for us to visit the art gallery and honestly the whole art gallery is really big and special.

1st meals- lunch at Bayan Lepas hawker centre

It's time for lunch!!! We had our lunch at hawker centre at Bayan Lepas. It's just an ordinary hawker centre just like at Taiping. (but it is more clearer than Taiping one...) We found a six people table and ordered for drinks. After that, En Hwei and me went around to find if any stuffs to eat. As I walk around the hawker centre, surprisingly this hawker centre is extremely large compared with Taiping one. I thinking of if one customer that sit on a table that very far from the stall he or she order from, the hawker need to walk so far to serve. Naturally, the hawker centre's food is more variety than Taiping one

The Penang 'o jian' that diffrent with Taiping one because of the sauce.

3rd destination- Pinang Peranakan Mansion

I'm so glad to visit the Pinang Peranakan Mansion because it was the building that 'The Iron Lady' shooting take place. The series 'The Iron Lady' is the first Malaysia series I didn't miss and finish watching it. Honestly, this is the best Malaysia chinese series of all. First visit and step in the compound of this building, I can't control myself to sing the song: 是我给了你全部的承诺 一切的一切永远的永远 在梦的尽头可曾为我活 这爱你爱我怎会全是错... Once seeing the place that is very familiar, I'll think back to the series. The whole building is really beautiful and luxury. The walls were full of potraits of Baba and Nyoya. The crafting of the building looks very nice and you can imagine the life of Baba and Nyoya is.

The front door of Pinang Peranakan Mansion.

Do u feel familiar with this place???

En Hwei & me were going to marry... deng deng deng deng....

En Hwei & me were imitating the Baba and Nyoya that didn't smile when taking pictures.

The long table where the iron lady always having her meals with all the Ah Zek.

from left: Sok Kin, Juo Yin, En Hwei, me, Cherie & Yi Yi. The Six People Gang!!!

The posters of several movies & series placed on the entrance.

4th destination- Penang Buttleflies Garden

For me, this is an unnecessary trip destination. At first, I had visited this place many years ago when I went to Penang with my god mother. Secondly, it is so bored to visit the buttleflies garden. So, I wont describe more in this.

5th destination- Queensbay Mall Penang

We have been looking forward to this destination for this trip. Unfortunately, it was the most rush destination we can visit... The tour guide gave us just two hours to have our dinner and shopping. It's really too rush for us ... This is the first time to this mall (maybe I went before just i had forgotten) and I had to say that this mall is really complex. I think I may lost if no one to guide me and fortunately "my daughter" En Hwei is well knowing for this mall. I bought one blouse for myself costing RM15 and we had our dinner there in rush. (sorry, I can't remember the restaurant name, it's an oriental restauant)

The whole Penang trip ended here. I think it was a very fun and nice trip for me since I had never visited Penang for a long time. Thanks for the other five friends that brought a lot of fun for me!!! Thanks ya!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009






Sunday, July 5, 2009

mummy, happy birthday!!!





在星期日7月5日这一天,我在床上快苏醒的状况下对妈妈说声:Mummy, Happy Birthday! 妈妈回应了一声: Thank you. 今天的我醒得很早,和妈妈先到Larut Matang楼下吃东西(晚上才有大餐吃。〕吃完做完一切早上该做的东西后便回家了。回到家小睡了一会了,爸爸便载我出去了。
与Fercila见面后,我们便步行到一间Olden Days Kopitiam对面街的精致花店。这都是她在电话中介绍的。我们多么害怕今天是星期日没营业。终于到了,踏入这间花店,真的是一间不错的花店,里面的布置很精致。各种各样的花,不一样包装的。。。我们把我们的意思告诉了花店老板,她向我们介绍了不一样包装的花。后来,在她的提议下,我们决定选了黄和紫玫瑰当主花。老板娘说需要半个小时,我和Fercila便走到Borneo Cafe 喝杯饮料,吃块蛋糕和炸薯条。聊着吃着,时间都已超过原定时间了。

再走回那花店拿花,我们便走会Fercila妈妈的店。因为捧着一束美丽耀眼的花,我们好像吸引了众路人的目光。甚至有一位马来女子看到我捧着那束花,以羡慕的眼神看着她男友明示的说:Lawanya... 走回Fercila妈妈的店不久,妈妈便来载我了。

这时,我捧着那束花和Fercila走出去。坐在车上的妈妈看到我捧着那束花,顿时吓到了。哈哈!我便坐到副驾驶座,再示意把花送给妈妈,再说声:送给你的,Happy Birthday!!! 妈妈还是那句:Aiyo...(笑着的情况下〕,然后就一直笑着。她肯定吓到了,她应该没有收过花吧。过后在路上就一直笑着问我整个买花的过程。她势必开心到爆了吧!


晚餐时刻,我们到Kenny Rogers Roaster享用。我们叫了Half Chicken Meal, Macaroni, Mash Potato, Iced Lemon Tea & Capochino. 这桌大餐真的把我们给弄饱了。后来,我们还到Mc.Donald吃。。。。。。冰淇淋。哈哈!Paiseh啦!它是我们一家人的最爱嘛。。。今晚,爸爸还突然提议到太湖吃鸡翅膀。哈!虽然很饱了,但看在爸爸难得的提议下,当然不会推辞咯!